Beauty of the month; Naimi

Occupation: Artist

Age: 36

what: Artist, musician and free mover

why: Because she’s reluctant to choose one road and did not enjoy youthful rebellion as a teacher of arts

So you have decided to quit things?

Yes. I do not enjoy being a teacher and I am not very sociable at the moment. So I just study music from home and record from my home studio.

Why a home studio?

It’s cheap. And I work better by myself. Also, it allows me to switch between music, arts and photography. I do what I feel like. And I have my cat close by.

You have written a comic book, The skinless girl. Why this choice of art form?

I wanted to do something really simple and yet expressive.

What is your view on art outside institutions? You are a student of a big arts institution in Sweden but you are also doing photography and music.

I do not think it is a necessity to go there. Actually I find it more substantial with people who do art outside of the institutions, because it means that they really want to do it and that they do it free of choice. At the same time, I find it kind of luxurious to go to an arts University, because that means you can do art all day without having to think about money since there are student-loans. But one day it ends, and then you have to get a job.

Did you ever consider going out and getting a normal job when you finished your studies?

Everybody wants me to and I might have to but I don’t really feel like it. I do what I do well and why should anyone do anything that hurts them, really?


Ok, thank you Naimi for talking to Fashion9one1!

Photo: Naimi

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