Beauty of the month; Astrid Gustavsson

Half of the world population today are young people which is currently not mirrored in those in power today

Astrid Gustavsson

Youth delegate, UN. A one year occupation combined with full time studies of Engineering physics, Uppsala university
Age: 20
What does she really do:  The youth delegate functions as the link between the Swedish youths and the UN, informing them about how the UN works and how it can be used to raise awareness regarding issues of importance to the youth.
Why: Astrid thinks the presence of someone under 35 creates another consciousness in the UN.

Half of the worlds population today are young adults which is currently not mirrored by those in power today.

Recent activities: 3 weeks programe at the New York head quarters

Please describe a normal day in the UN
Negotiations and resolutions. Negotiations and resolutions. And more negotiations and resolutions. Every year or every second year there are decision made based on these resolutions. The goal is to create resolutions that as many UN countries as possible can sign taking the broad perspective.

Describe your role in the UN.
There is expectations for the young to come with a fresh and perhaps more radical perspective.

How do you represent Sweden?
I don’t represent Sweden, I represent the youths in Sweden. There is a difference. Thus I get the opportunity to raise more radical questions than the diplomats.

Can you give us an example?
Well, like getting countries to promise that children will have shoes in order to be able to walk far to school.

Seriously, could that be a problem?
Well, everything is about sharing perspective in the UN. A lot of Swedish values are too radical for the majority of the UN countries.

What do you do during the year?
After spending the three weeks in UN headquarters the delegate comes back to the home nation. Swedish youth organisations can consult with me during the year. Before I went I listened to the young and brought their perspectives back with me to the UN. After spending the three weeks in UN headquarters the delegate comes back to the home nation continuing the link between the UN and the countries youth organisations.

How do you decide which places to go?
It is built on my own contacts.

How much work is it?
It has been 1-4 consultations each month.

If someone reads this and wants to apply for being next youth delegate in their countries, what do they need to do?
You can’t apply yourself, you are chosen from recommendations and you need to be part of a youth organization already.

Thank you Astrid for talking to Fashion 9one1!

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