Bean and Lentil BBQ Chili stew with red rice

What you need:
4 portions of red rice
1 can of black beans
2 portions of red lentils
2 portions of black lentils
1 can of white beans
3 dl of tomato sauce
2 dl of BBQ sauce
1 tbsp. tomato paste
3 cloves of garlic
Salt and pepper
1 red onion
olive oil

How to do it:
Cook the rice as per the instructions on the package. Dice the onion and the garlic and fry them in olive oil. Add the tomato sauce, tomato paste and BBQ sauce. Let the lentils boil with the liquids until they soften. Add water if needed. Season to taste. Add the beans and let it simmer. When the chili has thickened a bit you can start plating!


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