Artist Rebecca Morgan mixes beauty with the beast

Rebecca Morgan’s drawings are like nothing else. They’re colorful and neatly made, yet disturbing in a way.

They touch themes such as poverty and addiction, presenting the wilderness and nature as a refuge from all the demands of the everyday we all succumb to.

In an Q&A she describes how she looks at freedom in the ugly characters of her drawings and how she identifies with them:

It’s funny because those cartoons, even when they’re not me, they’re still me. They represent a real kind of blissful ignorance — they’re totally happy living in the country and doing their own thing. They’re totally fine with looking so hideous and awful, and I often think, “Oh, what freedom there is in that!” As artists and as people, we’re constantly over-thinking it, and sometimes I just really wish I could indulge in this stereotype of absence.

Check out more from Rebecca Morgan on her official website.

Featured image can be found here.

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