Inside London fashion week

Part one

“A devil wears Prada moment”


Fashion month has once again, come to its end. Starting in New York and ending in Paris, Fashion month is often called one of the most prestigious events to take place within the fashion world. This season I got an offer one can`t refuse, allowing me to be a part of the fashion tour, on its stop in London. As a backstage worker, I have collected not only a huge amount of knowledge and insight into the fashion industry, but also tons of gossip regarding what’s REALLY going on during this intense time. Ladies and gentlemen, intersex, queer and transgender, I am spilling some serious beans and giving you my take, on the world’s biggest fashion circus.

The Email, stating the fact that I was confirmed to work backstage, arrived in my inbox late January. Less than a week later I found myself on a plane to London.  If it is one thing I’ve learned throughout this experience, it`s that fashion moves fast and waits for no one. Therefore I found it best to be based in London before it all began, in order to be as available for the designers as possible. Looking back, I defiantly made the right decision, because 2 days after my arrival I got contacted and offered an interview regarding a longer internship, involving preparations for Fashion week. This brings me to, what I like to call my “Devil wears Prada” moment. Prepare to be embarrassed in my place. Because unlike the intern from the movie, played by megastar Ann Hathaway. I did NOT get the job.

It all began with me taking an Uber to South Kensington. I had spent a good amount of time polishing my appearance and preparing myself with good and clever answers, for potential hard and stressful questions. I really felt prepared for what was about to come. The Uber driver wished me good luck and I entered the huge office in which the interview was supposed to be held. I arrived in good time. Allowing me not to stress and with five minutes to spare, I knocked on the door. The first thing I saw was a room full of people, all glammed up from tip to toe. Wearing outfits, worth more than my entire closet combined. I was asked to take a seat, and immediately got pointed out, in front of the whole entire room, that I was “SO” early. I apologized. (May I add that this was the first time in my life, that I was to apologize for being early rather than being late) Usually, I’m the biggest optimist when it comes to time, so I didn’t really mind apologizing. Then the interview started and within 4 minutes, it was all over. Remember when I said that I felt prepared? Well, let’s just say, I was NOT. I got asked two questions and I think one of them was my name. At one point, a member of staff offered me some water because I was rambling so much. It was bad. Really bad. Probably the worst interview of my entire life. I have never felt so out of my comfort zone nor have I ever produced such large amount of sweat.

The funny part is, though, that later on after fashion week had ended, I was offered an internship within the same fashion house. A staff member had appreciated my work ethic during a fashion show. I ended up going for drinks with the team and even got to meet the designer herself. Not bad for a rambling, nervous gal right? When one door closes another one opens up, sometimes I guess the new door goes to the same building.  Life is truly ironic that way.

Coming up March 24th:  My take on model measurements, Who were the designers? How was their collection? And what does it really take to keep a drag supermodel happy?

Stay tuned.

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  • Susanne March 15, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    Can’t wait for part two!!!


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