Feet that are ready for summer!

The spring has arrived; along with sandals and open toe shoes. Maybe you’ve neglected your feet during this winter, or just want to treat yourself. When you feel good, you will look good.

Exfoliation is the key.
Removing excess skin in this area is a good habit, but not always one that we prioritize in our spare time. When scrubbing your feet you also get rid of a bad smell that might occur and reduce the chance for it to hang on. It is literally a jungle out there to find the right product that suits you, take a look below and maybe you will find some guidance.

  • The Body Shop offers a not too expensive scrub with peppermint as the key ingredient. The volcanic rock granules really do their job and leave your feet silky smooth. The gel also has a cooling effect, which is great for tired feet.imageimage
  • If you want to keep it natural I highly recommend you to make a scrub yourself. Mix brown sugar or a dash of sand (depending on how rough you want it) with aloe vera gel. Add some drops of eucalyptus oil to get the minty feeling.
  • The volcano foot mask from Lush is a thicker cream to apply on to your feet. It is supposed to help you loosen up the harder parts and wash right off when scrubbing. The feeling is cooling and also refreshing, did I mention the scent? This is something everybody should try.


When you have found the scrub for you, find yourself a big container, pour some hot water in and don’t forget the foot salt. A few drops of peppermint and eucalyptus oil is great to add once again.

When your feet has soaked all the good stuff in and gotten softer, it’s time to do the finishing up. A foot file is necessary on the rougher parts of your feet. You can choose from wooden files, plastic, stone or electrical. Either way, remember not to over do it. Use your scrub and enjoy your silky feet!

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