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Is Pride a statement party?!

Is Pride a statement party?! We were wondering if the Pride parade is a great opportunity to make a statement with ones external attributes, such as clothing, hair and nails. We received these cool photos in just a few hours after having asked the question on Facebook.

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Inspiration; the peaky blinders

A casual outfit that takes you back to the best part of the 1920s, where the key garment that constitute the base is the beret . This matched with braces and a pair of suede boots that make your outfit complete! /Andreas Andreou All photos by: Rikard Elofsson

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Aysha Jones

Fashion 9one1 meet the editors; Aysha Jones

Styling, no more?! I began my journey as a stylist many years ago and have had time to style a lot of known and unknown personalities and had my work published in numerous magazines and TV. For me, the styling is now a “luxury hobby”  I indulge myself with when the time for it, but when I was asked ”…

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Back to school, you can still be flawless!

Starting school may involve anxiety for many youths , out of several reasons . Do not let your outfits to be one of your headaches , steal this style for a spot on back to school look! All items can be bought on Ps . You can also replace hängselshortsen against a pair of jeans, I loved these that are…

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Holiday fashion at the office, any one?

It can be quite frustrating when the job calls for the holiday lazy days and you feel that the closet does not really sync with one’s “new improved self ,” we’ve all been there. I’m sitting right now and revel me in H & M’s new collection from their sent home directory and in the can I find lot of…

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A man on the go

With music as the only company going Andreas streets of Stockholm , now he can for a moment disappear off somewhere else . Even between jobs must maintain the style , it does not matter who you are, what your job is or where you are going, you will still have people’s eyes on you. The long hooded sweater from…

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All black everything

In the song ” Run This Town ” you can hear Jay-Z rap those exact words when he takes over the streets with Rihanna and Kanye West . If you want to generate interest when you take over the streets , whether you’re chilling on an ordinary weekday or going out on adventures in the night is the leather pants…

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